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Congratulations to eClean Envirotech for winning the Early-Stage Award in 2023.


It’s impressive to see their blend of contemporary science and Mātauranga Māori in an authentic manner. By incorporating the Kawa and Tikanga of traditional Māori science, they have demonstrated a holistic approach to their work.

The judges were particularly impressed by eClean Envirotech’s ability to apply scientific theory in a practical manner. It’s commendable that they have formed a strong partnership with an engineering firm, which has enabled them to manufacture their products right from the beginning. Their early commercial success is a testament to their hard work and innovative solutions.

Furthermore, eClean Envirotech seems to have a well-defined intellectual property (IP) strategy and a clear plan for both the domestic and international markets. Their ability to articulate their go-to-market approach indicates a strong understanding of their target audience and the potential for expansion beyond New Zealand.

Overall, eClean Envirotech’s achievements and approach highlight their commitment to sustainability and the successful integration of science and indigenous knowledge. Their recognition at the Fieldays Sustainability Hub is well-deserved, and it will be exciting to see their continued progress and impact in the future.

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