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A field technician will come out to site and spend around 2 to 4 hours conducting water testing and taking photos, site Schematics of the water source. Water probes such as the YSI and Hach are used to collect testing information DO, pH, Temperature and Conductivity and samples are taken to either the University of Canterbury or Ara Institutional of Canterbury laboratory for processing.

The tests which are run are Nitrates and Phosphates which are done via a Colorimeter Easychem machine. E.coli is tested by plating the sample in 3M Petrifilm and a CFU count is done. The Macroinvertebrates are collected at site via kick netting and placed in Ethanol for sorting at the lab. The Macroinvertebrates are sorting under a Microscope and the data is used to identify the Water quality state of the water by giving the samples a MCI score.

After the data is being compiled, a report is provided by the customer which covers:

  • Photos of site
  • Schematics
  • Water testing analysis Chemical and or Biological
  • It will set our any results that are above the ANZECC guidelines for recreational and or drinking/ Irrigation etc
  • Recommendations will be provided with report in regards to improving water quality or Water monitoring for the future.
Selwyn River
Avon River


Water Quality Report

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