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We have combined our resources with Thermoplastics Engineering trading as Hugo Plastics to manufacture and sell these units throughout Aotearoa.

Hugo has proven track record of manufacturing and engineering products for the Wastewater and Aquaculture sector. We are proud to partner with Hugo to deliver the highest quality Engineered system available on the market. This relationship has allowed Waiora to accelerate its field trials and commercialization process.


Unique practical technology

The eClean Unit is a result of 100‘s of hours of design and Engineering by both Hugo Plastics and Waiora Research. The end result is a compact, reliable, and robust technology, consisting of a tank, bioreactor chamber, pump, and monitoring sensor. It has low energy requirements, and can run for months continuously before servicing is required.

Recycling to improve farm production

Apart from clean water output, the unit produces an environmentally friendly bio-sludge which can be dried and reused on farms as a highly concentrated NPK fertilizer.

Recycling to improve farm production

The eClean bioreactor can remove nitrates from the source water for freshwater aquaculture applications such as salmon hatcheries, improving yields. The technology‘s origins come from RAS Reticulated Aquaculture Systems where the biological filter processed Ammonia via Nitrification process. This technology was modified and adapted so that it can now do both Nitrification and Denitrification simultaneously. This technology can be retrofitted to existing RAS systems.

Real-time monitoring to ensure compliance

The eClean unit may incorporate a monitoring system to accurately and continuously report on performance. This would include contaminant levels, compliance targets, and equipment status – accessible via a mobile phone app in future.

Diverse applications beyond farming

The eClean water treatment unit can purify farm drains, rivers, streams, creeks, aquifers, bores/ wells, and dams – in fact any aqueous environment. It has exciting potential for horticulture, aquaculture, industrial, and mining sectors.

Sales & Marketing Enquiries

Please contact Hugo Plastics for any sales and Marketing enquiries we have a team of sales Engineers across Aotearoa who can come to site and access your water quality needs, 0800 888 454 or

eClean Research Services

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