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Introducing the Revolutionary eClean Water Treatment Technology

The BR100 eClean Bioreactor is now operational at the Wigram Wetlands. This unit is the first of its kind, it is able to remove Nitrates, Phosphates, E.Coli and a multitude of other chemical and biological contaminants from Waterways. After 15 years of research, tests and trialling we finally have our first commercial unit installed here in Canterbury.

This unit is a GAME CHANGER, for the first time Councils and Government bodies will be able to remove contaminants from your waterways and provide you with clean water to swim in and freshwater to drink. If every river, waterway and Agricultural set up in Aotearoa was to install a eClean unit all of Aotearoa’s waterways would be drinkable in two years time. It is up to everyone to join and become part of this revolution, if you believe in having fresh clean water to swim in and Drink please support this venture and let others know about this!!

Wigram Retention Basin

The eClean BR500 model is installed at the Wigram Retention Basin, Wigram, Christchurch. The site has high levels of Nitrates, Phosphates, E-Coil, Heavy metals and other contaminants from stormwater and Industry. The WRB is the main stormwater catchment for the Wigram Industrial estate and residential development. The WRB is a stormwater basin and wetlands. The wetlands has four cells which receive and filter water before it enters the Heathcote River. The eClean has been installed to work as a scrubber to remove excess contaminants before they enter the Heathcote River system.

Avon River

The Avon River Ōtakaro Awa is of cultural significance to the local Hāpu of Ngai Tūāhuariri. Historically the head of the Avon was a mahinga kai site and had an abundance of Ika, manu and other food sources for the local Māori. The head of the Avon has several springs known as Puna oranga which were believed to have healing properties. Over the past 100 years the quality of water within the Avon River system has degraded. Luckly the Avon River has the support of the Drinkable Rivers Water campions who are advocating on behalf of the head of the Avon to improve and restore water quality.

The eClean has is being installed at the head of the Avon with the help and support of local Christchurch City Council and ECan. The Trial is expected to run for 12 months and the objective is to remove high quantities of contaminants, improve oxygen levels and the ecology of the water system via biological filtration.

eClean Research Services

Lets Connect and Save Our Waterways