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Waiora Research Limited has developed a technology solution which can transform the health of Aotearoa’s Waterways while at the same time ensuring the productivity and profitability of the Agricultural sector. The technology is an edge of field bioreactor which removes Nitrates, Phosphate, E.coli and other chemical and biological contaminants for any Aqueous environment from Farm Drains, to Farm waterways, Dams, Wells, Bores, Aquifers, lakes and Rivers. This technology has sensor capability which allows the customer and Regional Councils to monitor in Real time the removal rates of contaminants which are a biproduct of Agricultural activity here in Aotearoa.

The bioreactor works in 3 complete components to create a complete water cleaning and monitoring system.

Component One

Engineered microbiome, this is composed of specific microorganisms that work together to break down and remove water contaminants. The microorganisms utilise the nutrients as feedstock and convert them into a usable, non toxic form that can be recycled back into the environment.

eClean Process

Component Two

The microbiome is pumped into a specially designed bioreactor which houses submersible pump, bubblers, and aerators to maintain water flow across the microbial surface and allow continuous contaminant removal. The designs of the physical and mechanical components of the bioreactor have been finalised and a manufacturer has been identified to produce full-scale prototypes for lab and on-site testing.


Component Three

A set of sensors is being developed accompanied by IOT hardware to incorporate into the bioreactor to capture and report on key metrics. The data will be available to the user via a mobile app, to enable real-time monitoring of nutrient levels, nitrogen losses, equipment status and cost tracking. This data capture will also enable the venture’s service partners to be notified of servicing requirements.

Nitrate-Ammonia Centre

Nitrate-Ammonia Centre

eClean Research Services

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